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Hugglets “Teddies 2013″ Gallery

The wonderful  Hugglet’s Teddies 2013 event was a great success, so I would like to share with you just a few of the bears that were available on the day…


I have had such a fun Summer, creating these bears,  each one is unique, and made with much love and attention to detail! Some have new footpad designs, and different muzzle shapes, while others are made from newly designed patterns, I find small changes can make a huge difference to the overall look of a bear, but I am always mindful of staying true to my signature style. The bears for this show vary in size from a big hefty 21ins to a dainty little 10in handful! So hopefully among them,  you will find one that appeals to you!


Collars too have been handcrafted by myself, using a variety of fabulous felts, stunning luxury yarns, beads, and buttons….all  surface embellished for added texture, and colour blended to compliment each individual bear. For the first time also, I’ve enjoyed making a little bodice for one of the bears, so maybe this will be something to develop further in the future!

(Click on images to enlarge) Cordelia

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Excellence in Bear Artistry – Judges Choice Award WinnerClick to enlarge





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